Equine Diagnostic Services

Technology has made it easier today to diagnose conditions in horses that were once difficult to diagnose. Dr. Harms uses today’s technology under many conditions to help him understand problems your horse may be experiencing. Both in the field and in his Brainerd Clinic, up-to-date high-tech equipment make diagnosis faster and more accurate.

Available in the mobile clinic and at the main clinic, ultrasound diagnostic equipment helps Dr. Harms visualize soft tissues throughout the horse’s body. It is used to identify internal abnormalities, locate problems with tendons and ligaments and in reproductive diagnosis. Being able to take this technology to the field allows Dr. Harms to diagnose and treat conditions that would otherwise require transportation to his clinic.

X-rays can give the veterinarian a good look at bones and joints. Dr. Harms has X-ray equipment in the Mobile Clinic and at the main clinic. If a horse is injured or has lameness, X-ray diagnostics help pin down the exact problem or eliminate a fracture as the cause.

By allowing Dr. Harms to directly see into the respiratory and digestive tract, the endoscope makes diagnosis of problems in these areas much more precise.

Laboratory Services
When lab tests are required, Dr. Harms performs some of them at the clinic. In other cases, such as Coggins Tests, samples are sent to a lab by courier, with results reported back to Dr. Harms.

Any time you have a health concern with your horse, contact Dr. Harms. He will use his long experience and today’s technology to diagnose the condition so it can be effectively treated.