Brainerd Equine Veterinary Clinic

Our permanent clinic is ready to treat your horse in a spacious, clean, well-lit, country environment. It includes a complete surgery facility, a treatment and examination area, and clean, sanitary stalls. All needed medications are stocked and on-hand. Turnouts allow for the exercise needed for recovery and comfort. Horses are boarded at the clinic during recovery, but we do not otherwise board horses.

We would welcome the chance to familiarize you with our clinic. If you’ve never visited, call us and schedule a visit. While you’re there, we can discuss ways we can serve your equine veterinary needs.

Clinic Location

We’re located east of Brainerd, off Highway 25, at 12078 Red Pine Road. The clinic is easy to find and convenient to residents of the entire Brainerd area. You’ll find ample parking for your truck and horse trailer, too.

12078 Red Pine Rd
Brainerd, MN 56401

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